Photography helps people to see, Quote from Berenice Abbott in Pakolla colors

As Berenice Abbott said, this portrait photographer,

"Photography helps people to see".


It may seem obvious, but to see what? This is where Pakolla, a Montreal company specialized in photo reporting, comes in to help your clients see you, your way of working and your collaborators.


Working with Pakolla will give you many diverse and varied photographs. This bank of photos will allow you to have an efficient and dynamic communication with your employees, your shareholders or directly with your public.


The experience of Pakolla acquired over several years of service with companies in Montreal and Canada allows us today to provide you with many solutions. You can thus call on us for:

We go where you need us, in Montreal of course, Canada and further afield.

Contact us to discuss your photo project.

Your company

Photograph of Tourisme Montréal offices with a view of the St. Laurent by Marie Deschene Pakolla

Your partners

Photo of a corridor in the Cirque du Soleil head office by Texas Lyceum during their stay in Montreal by Marie Deschene pour Pakolla

Your congress

Photographer for the annual conference of the Association of Directors and General Managers of the Desjardins ADGC caisses of a panel discussion with Manon Goudreault and Guy Cormier at Fairmont Mont-Tremblant by Marie Deschene Pakolla

Your portraits

Portrait corporate photo in natural light of nutritionist Julie Doan by Marie Deschene Pakolla in Montreal Canada
Logo of Pakolla corporate photographer in Montreal Canada

Team building

Team building photography, team building with Marie Deschene - Pakolla

Your events

Tidan Christmas photo party at the Marriott Chateau Champlain in Mon tréal by Pakolla Marie Deschene

The customized

Photo of a young man's corporate portrait in town by Marie Deschene photographer for Pakolla in Montreal

Your region

Photo of a window of a half-timbered building with a work of art street art of multicolored umbrellas in France taken by Marie Deschene photographer for Pakolla


Pakolla is an approach, values

whose sole objective is to bring you a unique experience!



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